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Lets chat about UTI's...

Uqora UTI Control - Her NZ Store

We are so excited to have a collaboration with the amazing Her Store NZ to talk to all women out there who are suffering or still are yet to find the cause to their pains down there!


About Her Store NZ 

The very beautiful New Zealander Sandra had struggled during her adult life to come to terms with why she was always ending up with UTI’s. After many appointments she was lucky enough to have come to a conclusion that has changed her life in a positive way. Sandra has a condition known as ‘Interstitial Cystitis’. What is Interstitial Cystitis you may ask, Interstitial Cystitis is when the lining of the bladder does not work as a whole and causes inflammation. You can read more about Sandra and her life experiences by clicking here.


Why have we collaborated with Her Store NZ

Here at Sock-It & Co. we aren’t just a brand that sells Non-Slip Grips socks we are also here for everyone and our customers. You just never know what someone else is dealing with and what information could help, Sandra had struggled to find any relevant information for her condition that was close to home so she decided to create her own positive space and sell products that she is truly passionate about. Sandra is always very passionate about attending Pilates and Yoga classes to help strengthen her pelvic floor. We feel very blessed to have an amazing blog all about Pelvic Floor and why they are important.


At Her Store NZ you will find not only an amazing platform relevant tools and resources you will also see products that align with UTI’s and how to prevent them from happening. This also includes a whole complete Uqora, UTI prevention kit for only $120. The Kit includes:


Make sure you go check out Her Store NZ and other social pages