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Customised Grip Socks

Customised Grip Socks

Thats right! We customise and we are so proud of it! So we thought we might give you some more insight into customising grip socks! 

What can I customise?
Everything, from colour to design to the swing tag! The world is your oyster and you have the ability to create your dream grip socks for your business! PS. YES we can add your own logo onto the grip! 

How much are they?
All customised socks start from US $6.50 (ex freight and GST) Depending on what you are after in colours ways/printing may vary the price.

How many do I need to order?
The min order of Customised Non-Slip Grip socks is 500 pairs per size per design. We know that this can be a bit much for some businesses so we also offer a S/M sizing rather than a seperate S and M. 

How about Payment?
Send us an email to and we can organise a payment plan for you. We know it can be a bit much sometimes but we are more than happy to accomodate you and your business.

What is the turn around?
Once you have approved your free mock-up design done by us we will then proceed with a physical sample that will again be approved by us and you. After this phase it can be 5-6 weeks to receive the delivery. 

You will receive the sample quality and Sock-It & Co. 'Up the Heel grip' as what we supply already! We want nothing but quality and standard to be out and ensure safety is kept! 

Are you ready to get started? Send us us email to to get started!