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Pilates Lover Alert: What To Wear To Pilates

April 22, 2021 2 min read

What do I wear to Pilates? Grip Socks by SOCK-IT & CO.

Pilates Wardrobe Check

Staying fit is a necessity for everyone, and what's better than a good Pilates session! However, choosing the appropriate outfit can be quite challenging. All that exercise requires clothes that won’t pose a problem during Pilates.

 A few things to keep in mind while choosing your Pilates clothing:

  1. Comfort should be your top priority when it comes to Pilates. Looking good comes second to feeling absolutely okay in your second skin.
  1. It's wise to avoid clothes with too many embellishments. This will include extra zips, too many chains, belts, straps or even ties. They can be a nuisance and hinder your movements.
  1. Coming straight from the ladies, the deep neck shirts are not ideal. This is because Pilates involves a lot of stretching, upper-body exercises or exercises involving raising the upper body. For such instances, it's best to always go for round neck tops and tees.
  1. Fancy footwear is a big no. The main emphasis should be on grip socks. Pilates socks or grip socks are indispensable when it comes to Pilates.

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Why are Pilates Grip Socks Essential?

A Pilates class can never be complete without non-slip grip socks. The art of Pilates depends on the alignment of posture and balance. In fact, experts say that initially Pilates can turn out to be a little intimidating. To ensure that the balance is maintained and to maintain a grip on the exercises initially, Pilates grip socks are a must.

If you're still wondering why grip socks are so essential for Pilates, take a look at these points.

1. Pilates Socks vs Normal Socks 

Exercises for Pilates require a good grip and proper balance. The feet are the major focus. Slips or injuries can be prevented by choosing Pilates grip socks over normal socks to cover the feet.

If you're looking for a classic pair of grip socks, go check them out at our SOCK-IT & CO.™ Classic Black Grip Socks.

2. Hygiene First

It's inevitable that your feet will sweat during Pilates, leading to odor, sore feet, etc. It's not very hygienic to keep your sweaty feet cramped in socks. At SOCK- IT & CO.™ we offer a wide range of Pilates grip socks to keep the feet airy, dry and comfortable.

Some of these grip socks even come in the form of Ballet Pilates Grip Socks. These socks are an absolute blessing if you want to maintain good hygiene in style.

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3. Protection From The Cold

Wearing normal socks for Pilates classes not only poses hygiene issues (due to sweaty feet), but also increases the risk of injuries due to poor grip. Our non-slip grip socks not only tackle all of these problems but also ensure that your feet don't go cold.

4. Safety Check

The safety aspect of the Pilates Grip Socks cannot be emphasised enough. You can protect your toes from the germs and infections on the common Pilates mat with grip socks. Not only that, with the right fit, Our Pilates socks can help you avoid injuries during posturing or balancing.

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