What are Hospital Socks?

August 09, 2019 1 min read

Where can I buy hospital socks? SOCK-IT & CO.

Hospital Socks

Ever been given a pair of Non-Slip Grip Socks while you are in hospital? Well we are about to tell you the benefits behind why!

There has been a study proven that footwear or shoes are the reason to why there can/are so many falls especially in people over the age of 65 years. Are you wearing the most appropriate footwear to benefit you? Not only are athletic shoes more appropriate but so are Grip Socks. (Luckily our Non-Slip Grip Socks are perfect to wear inside shoes). 

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Are you paying the hospital a visit? Have you thought about what footwear is appropriate? If not you might need to invest in some Non-Slip Grip Socks. Most hospitals will supply you with their own however why wearing boring socks when we can still look and feel amazing during your stay with SOCK-IT & CO.

Slippery surfaces will be the past and you will feel confident and secure when walking around slippery surfaces. Stay safe all the time and wear your Grip Socks are home, you never know when a water spill could be on your tiles so better to be safe! 

Shop our range of hospital socks
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