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Why you should wear yoga Grip Socks

Why you should wear yoga Grip Socks

Are you a yogi? Seen instructors and clients wearing grip socks? Unsure if you are ready to take the next step? Let us help you change your mind! 

What are Yoga Socks?

Yoga socks or Yoga Toe Socks (coming soon to Sock-It & Co.) help you stick to your yoga mat while being able to spread your toes for comfort and safety. Yoga Grip Socks allow you to length through your toes and feet while strengthening through any yoga stretch. Grip Socks are an amazing way to achieve the Yoga Toes. Plus you can wear them with your shoes or sandals!

Are there any benefits?

There are many benefits when it comes to wearing yoga socks while working out. You will feel centre and grounded - so much that movements like Warrior pose will feel easier as you have will have greater strength coming through the feet. The Non-Slip Grip sock will help keep you grounded. Along with feeling grounded and improving poses you will enhance your body posture and keep you aligned. By enhancing your foot strength you will eliminate causing pain or balancing issues with the Non-Slip Grip Socks.

Don't have time to get into a yoga studio? Have hard floors or tiles? This is the perfect time to grab your yoga grip socks and practice! No mat required!

Do you end up getting a bit chilly in class? Don't worry! You will now feel warm from toe to head during your floor poses. Our Sock-It & Co. socks also help whisk sweat away. Having to share a mat and a bit concerned about the germs? Now you no longer have to fear - Sock-It & Co. socks can help keep you safe and hygienic.