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How to wash your Pilates Mat

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How to clean your Reformer Mat

Does the thought of a dirty Reformer Mat give you the goosebumps? When was the last time you cleaned your Pilates Mat? We take hygiene seriously and that is why we are going to give you some hot tips on how to keep your Pilates Mat clean and long-lasting.

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Did you sweat on your Reformer Mat?

When it comes to cleaning we recommend two methods 

1. Use a Natural/Organic Sanitising Spray or disinfected wipes after every use

2. Deep Clean in a Washing Machine 

You might be wondering how often you will need to pop your Reformer Pilates Mat into the wash and we recommend once a month to keep it as clean and hygienic as possible. If you do not use your Pilates Mat that often then every couple of months is fine as well.

Can I put my Pilates Mat into the Washing Machine?

We know it may sound a little dramatic but we have designed and created our mats so that they are able to be put through a washing cycle. 

For a Deep Clean we recommend 

1. Place your Reformer Pilates Mat in a safe washing bag

2. Do not use any detergent or softener  

3. Place the Washing Machine on a Cold Wash and a Gentle Cycle

4. Hang to dry in a shady area

5. Now you are all ready to go and use your favourite Mat!

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 Eco-Friendly Pilates Mat

All our Pilates Mats are made out of Natural Tree Rubber and Suede meaning they are not only Eco-Friendly Mats but are long-lasting, however some deterioration may occur naturally after use. To keep your Mat long-lasting we recommend not using the washing machine too often (once a month), Roll it up like a Yoga Mat rather than folding and never place your Pilates Mat in direct sunlight.

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