Welcome to Sock-It & Co.

Hey There Family,

My name is Emma and I am the owner, designer and creator behind Sock-It & Co. All designs are done by myself on the Gold Coast, Australia and are one of a kind! Owning a Reformer Pilates Studio myself (PMP Studios) I know the frustration that comes with finding amazing high quality Non-Slip Grip socks that last - we cannot forget that enables a full workout to be complete without slipping around!

Along came the idea of creating my very own Pilates Grip Sock brand that not only is of the highest quality but has a special grip that covers the entire foot as well as up the heel! I thought of everything including arch support within the socks. 

Wholesalers will also be pleased with very competitive prices for the best quality sock on the market! It took myself a whole year of testing different factories and samples before coming to THE perfect sock. All socks are designed for Pilates, Barre, Yoga and more!

I hope you all LOVE Sock-It & Co. and we cannot wait to expand and build bigger and stronger as the days come by.

Emma xx